Branding 101: Let’s Talk Logos

Oct 24

A logo is often a company’s first impression and it can impact a customer’s perception, purchase decisions and overall attitude toward your company. A logo is a symbol or graphic element t...

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Case Study: What Does Your Phone Stand For?

Sep 24

Product: Phone Stand Industry: Financial What it was purchased for: A local financial institution needed a giveaway item for current and potential clients. It had to be useful to keep their name in ...

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9 Useful Apps for Sales & Marketing Professionals

Aug 24

Your phone’s ringing off the hook. You’ve got three meetings back to back. Emails are piling up in your inbox. And when you have a moment to book your next business trip, you wonder how yo...

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Celebrate Milestones

Jul 24

A bank wanted to promote 110 years of serving individuals and businesses in Pennsylvania through an "Open House" celebration at their branches. Among the many products selected to commemorate this mil...

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5 Steps to Achieving Your Goals

Jun 24

If you’ve ever watched a TED talk or listened to any of your teachers in school, you’ll know that setting goals are the stepping stones to getting where you want to be in life. You watch o...

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What Millennials Want (And How to Work With Them)

May 24

Many people agree that there is a high demand to diversify the workforce with young specialists bearing fresh ideas and new perspectives. Furthermore, we need to prepare this growing generation for le...

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6 Things You're Missing out on by Not Using Promotional Products

Apr 24

Promotional products aren't just for niche industry operations. Whether you are a small organization looking to grow your business, or an established company wanting to reach a new market, a product b...

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How to Gain Inspiration in 5 Minutes

Mar 24

People demand a lot of creativity from professionals these days. We live in the era of media overload, where viral video marketing and colorful infographics have become accepted means of engaging an a...

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How to Juggle Work and Life Balance Like a Boss

Mar 09

Sometimes life gets hard. You don’t have to work a night shift from Monday to Sunday to agree with that statement. Even the most effortless of jobs, those we believe to have truly mastered, can...

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Boost Your Sales

Feb 23

A local winery at their annual fall festival was looking for a way to boost their sales on take-home bottles of wine. So, they gave away the imprinted Winged Corkscrew to anyone who purchased three bo...

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Promotional Products RULE!

Jan 25

   In the next few weeks we will guide you on how to develop a promotional marketing plan for success.    Click Here To Go To Part 1  

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Developing A Promotional Plan Part 1

Jan 25

It’s amazing how people buy promotional products without any plan on how to use them or knowing what kind of results they want from them. I’ve been working in this industry ...

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Developing A Promotional Plan Part 2

Feb 01

Here we are again to continue our series on Developing a Promotional Plan. This is the second of the seven part series. Today we are going to look at determining a distribution plan to our target...

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Developing A Promotional Plan Part 3

Feb 08

This is the third part of this series, Creating a Central Theme. This is where you link a recognizable logo and color to all aspects of the promotional plan. This includes things like the promoti...

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Developing A Promotional Plan Part 4

Feb 12

Developing a Message to Support the Theme is the next step for developing a promotional plan. When we do this we want to make sure the message helps solidify the company’s name, service or ...

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Developing A Promotional Plan Part 5

Feb 13

The fifth step in this series is selecting a promotional product that bears a natural relationship to your profession or communication theme. It’s important that the product be functional f...

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Developing A Promotional Plan Part 6

Feb 14

We are already at step six, Don’t Pick a Promotional Product Based Solely on Uniqueness, Price, or Perceived Value. One of the first questions I get a lot is “What’s New an...

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Developing A Promotional Plan Part 7

Feb 15

This brings us to the 7th and final step to developing a successful promotional plan, Use A Qualified Promotional Products Consultant. A good promotional products consultant will help y...

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Power Of The Pen

Feb 16

Some people think marketing is sales. Well, it isn’t! A sale is when you provide a product or service in exchange for some kind of compensation. Marketing, on the other hand, is getting your p...

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