Developing A Promotional Plan Part 2

  • Feb 1, 2018

Here we are again to continue our series on Developing a Promotional Plan. This is the second of the seven part series. Today we are going to look at determining a distribution plan to our targeted audience. This is an important part of any plan. Research has shown that a carefully executed distribution plan significantly increases the effectiveness of the promotional product. For our example of the hearing aid company that decided to target the mature audience has a number of workable distribution plans. They could have a booth at local senior expos where a lot of their target audience would be. Another option would be to set up with local senior living facilities in their area to have free screening on a specific date and time so they wouldn’t have to get into their car and travel to an event. With the senior expo, they could do a mailer or postcard announcing where they will be and offer an incentive for stopping by their booth. In the case of going to the senior housing, they could have posters made up to announce the date and time of the free screening offering a free gift for attending the event. It’s thinking up that special hook to draw your prospect in and attend the event. An example of a poor distribution plan would be giving away a ceramic coffee mug at a show where the majority of the people receiving it have to travel on an airplane. The reasoning behind this is they might not want to carry it on the plane because it adds weight to their bag and leave it in their hotel room or if they put it in their checked luggage, it might get broken by the luggage handlers. (We all know what our luggage goes through when we travel, not good!) With this in mind, always think about how you are distributing the products. The next time we are going to develop a central theme. Until next time, Happy Marketing!

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